Saturday, May 22, 2010

Well I am behind again. I think I will probably be that way a lot. But I am going to catch up a little now. First I have had all kinds of things going on in my life since last I wrote. I have been going thru all kinds of tests. I have a few medical problems that they thought were worth checking on. So far everything has come back ok. At least no cancer. I have a couple tests that I am still waiting on the results, hopefully they will be in by the end of next week.
My youngest son got in a terrible car (truck) accident and was in the hospital for a while. I spent almost every day up there with him. He broke both jaw bones, his nose, his shoulder and has a couple small fractures in his neck. A long with some mild brain damage. But he is home now and is doing real well. It will be a while until he is back to `normal' but he is on his way.

I have been working on a couple things in polymer clay and hopefully will have them done soon. I will post pic when I do. I have been looking around the web and have found some good site for some free tutorials. So I thought I would share one today. Go to:
to learn Faux Abalone Shell with Black Oxide Powder. This is an easy tutorial that I am sure will please many of you.
Until next time have happy day and have some fun clay playin'.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Starting over again.....................

Good morning everyone. Here I am again starting over. Hope this time I make it to at least post on here once a month. But I really want it to be once a week. Since I have been gone a few things have happened.
I finally finished my "things for God to do" boxes. Everyone just loved them.I have made some new earrings and sold some and gave some away.
I went back to crocheting and have made a couple doilies and am working on a table covering. That one is going to take a while but I will post some pic as I go along.
I have some new blogs I am following and as time goes on I will post a little about each one.
I am also on Face Book, so come visit me when you can. It is a great place to stay in contact with your claying friends and get some live craft videos.
I will be posting more about that also. So please come back often or sign up to be a follower then you will know when I update. I hope all of you have a good day and get to play with your clay.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

YouTube made easier

Do you use YouTube? I know I do and sometimes I would like to save some of the videos that have a technique that I am trying to learn or one that I think I will need later. Well I found this easy way to download your favorites videos. Just click here to read the whole story.
This comes from which is a great place to get computer tips. You can sign up so they will send you an email daily with tips and some of the newest items on the market. They also offer discounts on these items. This is a really cool site offering lots for everyone.
Well I am off to work some more on my polymer clay, things for God to do, boxes. I will post pic soon. Have a great week-end.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A good link to check out

A few days ago SaraJane Helm was mentioned on my COC site and I was a little slow at going to look at SaraJanes site but I am sure glad I finaly had the time. This room is just remarkable,as is SaraJane. All the detail and love that went in to make it shows in every picture. If you haven't had time to take a look I urge you to take the time now. You won't be disappointed. Here's the link. .
I have been working on making some "things for God to do boxes" for some friends of mine at church. These ladies made sure we had some nice dinners while I was taking my treatments so I wanted to give them something I made from the heart. The idea came from one of the members, Kay, at COC. Thanks again Kay. I am using some little tin boxes that I had purchashed at the dollar store after Christmas. When I get my camera to working again I will post some pix.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back after a looooong time

Hello everyone.
I think it is about time I got back in here. I feel like I have been gone for ever but there has been a lot going on in my life these past 10 months. Bear with me and I will try to fill you in without boring you.
In January I found out I had breast cancer. Some of you were following me on my blog. I must admit I have not kept up with that one either. But I won't repeat what I did say on there but will try to fill you in on what has been going on since I started my radiation. I had to have 30 treatments. They were everyday 5 days a week for the 6 weeks. But that is not all that goes on. There are a lot of tests that need to be done, xrays and doctors appts. It makes for a very busy time. The radiation knocks the wind right out of your sails. If you are unfortunate like me you have a bad reaction to it and end up with third degree burns. They burned an area up on my neck and breast bone so they could kill the lymph nodes up there. I think that is my worst spot. And of course the breast area. Everything is third degree and sore as hell. They say I should be feeling better by next Weds. but I don't see how. My brother-in-law had some chemical reaction when he was in the hospital for open heart and they gave him some gel filled pads that had him feeling better in one or two days. He brought a package home with him and remembered he had it the other day. I started using it on Friday. The pain is a little better but I am not healing. I am done with my radiation so now that is all I have to do is get better. Which would not be to hard to do if I could take naps etc. like I should.

But our land lady came by the end of Sept. and told us that she needed her house back her boyfriend had kicked her out and she had no where else to go. We are to be out by the first of Nov. You would think that finding a place wouldn't be to hard with the economy the way it is. But it is not as easy as you might think. We were really getting worried, we couldn't find a place we liked and could afford. Then one day last week my sister-in-law called with a phone number to a place. We called it, went to see it and put a down payment on it that next day.
The same day we found out about the house our truck broke down we were on our way home from my 2nd to the last treatment and the seal in the transmission blow out. And one of the shifter rods broke inside. It was making all kinds of noise but we just kept trying to make it home. We don't know how we made it home. We still had about 20 miles to go. But God was looking out for us and we made it.
The next day we borrowed our good friends truck and made it to my treatment and to go see the house. That night his son-in-law called and said he would like the truck and his wife had a car they would trade us for with a little cash. So again God was looking out for us and we got the car that next day.
So now we have a new house and a new (to us) car. Next Sat. we have a lot of friend who are coming over and moving all our furniture in one day. This week we will be taking boxes of things over as I get them ready and have friends who are going to help us with that and the cleaning.

In between all of this my computer went out so I couldn't get on line to let my online friends know how things were going. But tonight I picked up a new to me computer from my sons father-in-law, that he fixed up for me.
I can't tell you how thankful I am to have such good friends and family at a time like this. Maybe things are looking up.
Well that is all that has been going on since I last wrote. In a condensed form.
I want to thank all of you who have come back to my site after such a long time. I am going to try to keep it more updated after the move.
Again thanks and have a good night everyone.

P.S. I just joined Facebook so if you would like to be my friend just go to Facebook and look me up.